Monday, May 12, 2008


looking good in the sun and having fun !!!!! Pretty toe in mexico !!!!Hola mi amigos. Glenn y Jessicca encanta mexico muchos. Esta un picture of mi y glenn en el ocean. Ay ay ay ay...canta y no llores, porque cantando se allegran cieleto lindo los corazones. I'll bet you didn't know I spoke Spanish. It's amazing how I just dove right into the culture and the language just came to me so easily. It's probably because my middle name is Marree. But I think I'll change it to Maria with an accent mark over the "i." Chris and Christy met us on tuesday and the fun began we started the day in the sun where we got a little red and that night it was room service. the rest of the trip was to playa for shopping and cozemal for snorkling and water fun. christy and i spent a great afternoon at the spa. then it was lot more time on the beach in the sun a week is not long enough for mexico.
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