Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trunk -or- Treat

This year we were a little late to trunk- or- treat but it was still fun the girl found there Friends and were off, and Cassi even found her self a cowboy how about that. I love that are ward dose this every year the kid get a ton of candy and there safe and with in eyes view of Glenn and I so it perfect. then it off to are house for the yearly Halloween party it getting bigger each year and Witch i love maybe it will take up the hole yard or block one year !!!

HaLlOwEeN nIgTh !!

I love Halloween and getting to dress up the girls got to pick there costumes this year and it was fun letting the pick how they would be. Shelbie was princess Laya and Bailey was a good old glow in the dark skeleton. Cassi got to wear the lamb costume that was made when Shelbie was two and it fit her great even Glenn got into the Halloween spirit this year and was the crow and he had a lot of people scared along with Cassi it took her some time to get used to him. I was Pocahontas and got to wear my costume to work this year.

Yearly Halloween pumpkin carving !

It become a yearly event to go to Jenny and Jerad's to carve pumpkins and we all have a great time making a big mess and watching the creative minds of each of the kids. We have treats and carve the pumpkins in the garage by a big fire place and at the end the kid get to display there hard work.