Friday, March 27, 2009

Time to catch up !!

I'm out of school and it time to catch up, so let get started!!
Christmas eve we let the girls open one gift, and of course it was PJ's

Christmas was great the girls loved there gifts, and so did Glenn and I. It was fun to see Cassi get gifts because she didn't really get it. Her favorite gift was her car seat.

This is the first time that Cassi got to bath with her big sisters she loved it and we can't keep her out of the tub now.

On to the new year! Glenns family came up and hung out, we played games and watch movies to bring in 2009 it was great to have every one with us. Surprise, Surprise! Glenns 30th birthday party was great so many people can to support Glenn on his big day. it was a surprise party at Noah's and I think we surprise him a little.

Cassi found a great new spot to sit, she loves to climb on to the fire place and sit on the edge.February was a great month for Bailey, she was star of the week and also had her 6th Birthday. As star of the week she gave donuts to her class, and each day of the week she brought some thing that she loved to show the class.
Bailey Birthday was a golf under the see them she wanted a party at trafalga were we played mintier golf and speed ball and dance,dance revolution,then she got to open presents at the house before dinner at Mi Ranchido.

Bailey got a lot of great gifts, but as you can see her bike made her fall to the floor.