Monday, August 25, 2008

Baileys First Day of School

Yes , today was the big day, my Bailey started school. It was so hard for me, I had to work and so Glenn was on his own, he did a great job. Who else would take such great picture of the most happy kindergartner there ever was. Glenn said this was her rock start pictures. 2008 was the year of great first outfits. Baileys pick was no other then high school musical and in red that here favorite, she is the best!!!!

Next it was of to the bus stop and onto the bus that she has watched take her big sister to school the last two year. Each time Bailey wishing that it was her turn, and at last it was. With Shelbie right there to help her all the way !!!!

Last of all Glenn followed Bailey to school and got some picture of her in line waiting to go into school. she knew right where to go.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to the doctor for Bailey

Bailey Got her cast of today and we were so happy when we got to see her finger again ! It had color and filling. Dr. Sullivan the Ortho surgeon was so amazed to see that the finger had made it Dr Sullivan was not the surgeon that had seen us in the ER but He could not get over the fact that it had been saved. They took X-rays to see what the bones were doing they were very happy with the resolutes, the Doctor even said that the fingers jaunt will move after some therapy. Baileys hand will be back to it old self again in no time.

Bailey met with physical therapy after the doctor's talked with her, they made her a brace to wear for the next three weeks, it's red because that's her very favorite color. She also learned some exercises to do with her hands and fingers to make them strong.

Thank you to every one that called or came to see Bailey and for all the great treat and gifts. Our Family knows that prayer truly works. Bailey is a beautiful example of that blessing. We are blessed, thank you for all of your prayers.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School for Shelbie !!!

Shelbie went back to school monday, and boy was she happy!! she had to sport Hanna Montana this year, and she's the cutes girl I've seen. She walks to school with a lot of kids from the neighborhood it geart to see all the new kids coming into the ward. off she gose, my big girl -We love you shelbie.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We love you Bailey Lynn Giles

I have been trying to write about what happened to are sweet Bailey this last week but it has been tuff to think about putting it into worlds but here I go. Wednesday Bailey and Shelbie were playing at the girls house that live next door. Glenn was working on the rock wall and I was in side, my mother and father had just stopped by and we were visiting. All at once Shelbie came running and cried that Bailey had just had here finger cut off. I and Glenn ran across the street and it was true she had about lost the hole finger, Glenn was so great he applied presser and I grabbed ice and into the truck we went, Glenn held Bailey and talked to her and Bailey was so strong she hardly cried and we made it to the hospital as fast as we could. The ER took one look at Bailey's finger and wrapped it up, then gave Bailey an IV to give her something for the pain they took a X-ray to see just witch part of the bone had been cut throw. The cut had gone throw the first joint on the right pointer finger. The Doctor came to Glenn and I and told us that Baileys finger was not viable, which means that it would not make it. My heart was breaking and my stomach was in knot's. My baby can't lose her finger, she can't. We asked Deon, Glenn's brother to come and help Glenn bless Bailey, after the blessing we talked about what we needed to do. Glenn and I knew we wanted a surgeon to look at her finger but Dr. Sanderson was at his daughter wedding and could not come. We were told that we could go to primary children's and see their surgeon, we felt this was what we should do, but the Doctor thought that we would get the same answer up there. We would take the chance so once again we packed Bailey into the truck and made are way up to Primaries. They made us go throw the ER again and it was the same thing no one look at Bailey's finger and the Doctor said that she had seen the X-ray and talked to the Doc at AF Hospital and that the finger was not viable and that it would not make it. We ask for the surgeon to still look at the finger, it took some time but she came and was the first to open the bandage and touched Bailey's finger and when she did Bailey could fill her touch the tip of the finger the part that was about off. The Doctor was so happy and told us that there were still nerves and blood flow to the tip of the finger and that all that needed to be done is to clean the finger and put it back together and it would make it, Bailey's finger WAS VIABLE. I ask that the surgeon do the surgery not the ER Doctor, she was not happy about this but after we had a good talk about what we had just gone through and that if she would not have come we may have let Bailey's finger go. By the time the surgery was done Bailey's finger had blood flow all the way to the nail again the Surgeon was so great and when Bailey woke up she had not felt or remembered a thing. They gave her some heavy antibiotics and some pain medicine and we made are way home. Bailey is doing good she has a lot of pain but we try are best to keep it under control,. She and all of us know that she is blessed and loved very much. So I Know your wondering what had happened, well the girls were making a fort and one of the girls got out a pair of garden shears to cut some tree branches. Bailey was helping move the branches and her finger got in the way, it was a sad and tragic accident. We would not wish it on anyone but we blame no one and love all the girls. We hope that they know that its ok and hope that they are ok as well.

Cassi loves to find trouble !!

Cassi loves to go all around the house and find thing to get into. Her newest toy is the central vac covers she love to open and close them and make lots of noise.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Swimming lessons

Ok, well I'm playing catch-up but I had to put these great picture up of the girls at the pool. They love swimming and can't waite for summer so that they can take swimming lessons. Cassi even loved it.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Get Cassi she'll try anything !!!

The other day I was working on the computer at the desk in the kitchen. Cassi was playing by my chair and decided to make her way over to Ricky's food bowls. I watch as she look at me then took a piece and look at me again, I could not help my self, I wanted to see how fare she would go. She would have eaten the dog food but I stop her !!!