Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

It was just me and the girls this year for are NEW YEAR Party. We watched Lion King 1, 11/2, 2 and then did fire works it was fun, but the girls liked the bishop big fire work show the best he has it every year and it always gets there attention.

SlEdDiNg WiTh ThE FaMiLy

Sleeping in the Car

What is it about my kids and sleeping in the car, and you would think they would learn to sleep on each other..HOW UNCOMFORTABLE !


This is the best game to play at a party ever ! we had so much fun making fun of are self's well some of us. My self Glenn, Chris, Christy, Tony, and Kare all played this game together but Chris and I never ended up that with something on are head or face or even on are body. We all had to say funny things and act out things but only some of us were lucky enough to be on camera. LOVE YOU ALL !!! ( To old times and good music, Pizza party!)

Christmas Morning

We all had a great Christmas, as you can see. Its always a mad house but its worth it every time.

He Came !!!

Boy did he come!! that's what happens when three family's come together at grandma and grandpas home.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Christmas Eve Jams

The kids wait all evening to open the one gift, they all know that it just Jams, but its still so fun for them to get one gift before the big day.

The Nativity Story

Each Christmas the kid get a chance to do the nativity story and this year Shelbie really wanted to play Marie but how was I to know she would play the part to the " T "yes that is baby Jesus up her dress.
Cassi would still not have anything to do with this Christmas tradition so Bailey took it upon her self to play the donkey and the camill.
The Nativity cast from right to left Porter Brereton, Sydney Brereton, Whitney Brereton Kyle Brereton, Megan Brereton, Shelbie Giles Bailey Giles Chloe Brereton, Zack Brereton.

You better watch out, you better not Cry!

Santa just happen to find us at Grandma and Grandpa Breretons home this Christmas Eve, and we each got to sit with him and let him know are last minute wishes. Cassi still would not sit with Santa on her own ,but with a little help form me and the candy in Santa's bag we got her there for a picture.

I had to put they pictures of my parents siting with Santa it not often that you get a picture of your father acting like one of the kids, I love it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

pick-a-boo and spaghetti don't mix !

Baileys 1st grade Christmas program

Bailey did a great job at her Christmas program, she is so cut with that browm hair and big BLUE eyes.

Hilton Christmas Party 2009

The Hilton party was held at the PG seiner citizen center this year and we had a good time it included pizza and dessert and the nativity scene that the kids put on each year. Cassi would have nothing to do with her costume but she had fun watching. The the girl sang and Shelbie played the piano. Santa and miss clause came and we got to take picture with them, Glenn was already at work by that time come to think of it he is at work when that time comes around. I'm starting to see pattern there. It was fun.

Shop till they drop !

Me and my friend Ellen went Christmas shopping one day, it was just to much for are kids and they were out before we were even half way done. what can I say we like to shop!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Kiss Me Baby !

We always hang a mistletoe each year! This is the only was I can get a kiss anymore Ha Ha